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Each software development project starts with joy and excitement for both development team and client. As a service provider, the final deal is made and here you are for the kick off of the project. There are the project owners sitting on the other side of the table. They made their managers believe and got a budget approved to solve a problem, to make a difference. It’s always great to feel the energy of kick off meetings.

Let’s get it started. What should you do? Ask about their goals. Understand the pain points and desired outputs. What’s the value generated at the end. Dive into detail. Try to understand each aspect of the solution they imagine. “Users will fill this form, this value will be calculated, this user going to approve and he or she will be notified.” You listen and create the structure in your mind, think of missing details and try to bring missing details to light. Be a master of the job described as well as they are.

The analysis process described above is already a difficult task, but understanding the job is not enough. You also must be able to look from the developer glass. Can it be done? Yes, you’re sure. Do the developers think the same? So, what are the technical constraints?

If you are following classical development methods, you must be very careful about what you approve. Every word that the client says matters. It can’t get very far from the estimate provided before project kickoff. Are you going to build the solution or be lost in the details?

Before we’ve become an OutSystems partner as BAYPM, we have been developing custom coded projects and using other low-code ( we understood how this word was miss used until we met with OutSystems) platforms which had significant constraints. I remember the requirement gathering process those times. We used to sweat. Literally! “I want an excel alike experience when I’m entering these values. I want this button to scroll with me when I’m scrolling down. I want to be able to select the columns of the tables which I have on my dashboard. Etc..” Sounds simple but, increases coding hours significantly. If you are developing apps on OutSystems, you don’t get anxious. Surely, someone else faced with a similar request before and there must be a solution for it in application store (Forge) or support center.

Since we met with OutSystems, we are be able to say “ Yes, we can” with no fear. Development is already simple, only focus on challenges. Expand the application with custom coding if some else already hasn’t. With OutSystems you can make your client and your developer happy. Developers don’t need to hide from clients any more. They are in the process. They are proud of the solution they created in a shorter time comparing the classical development methods.

Solution delivered. “Can we also add these features?”

Yes, we can. No problem!