The OutSystems Platform is a high-productivity platform as a service (PaaS) intended for developing and delivering enterprise web and mobile applications, which run in the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid environments. The current version is 11, for both the paid and unpaid versions – developers are permitted personal cloud environments to use the platform without charge.

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OutSystems was designed to address two major IT pressure points

The changed nature of apps and what that means for development and Faster delivery cycles. Full Article

How does OutSystems Platform solve the problems of app delivery?

Rapid application development software should enable development and operations teams to partner effectively to develop, test, integrate, and manage apps—including delivering new functionality, enhancing the user experience, and creating additional apps post-launch. OutSystems meets all this needs. Full Article

How do analysts like Gartner or Forrester categorize OutSystems?

OutSystems is a rapid application delivery platform and so much more. In fact, neither Gartner nor Forrester can put us in one single category. Full Article

How fast is fast?

OutSystems users weigh-in on the question. Full Article

What is NOT a good project for OutSystems?

Outsystems platform allows organizations to virtually create any type of enterprise web and mobile application, given its openness and extensibility. There a few exceptions. Full Article

Who uses OutSystems?

Companies in 22 industries – insurance, pharmaceuticals, banking and retail to name just a few – use OutSystems Platform to deliver solutions for multiple use cases and applications. Full Article

Integrate with SOAP web services and REST APIs

SOAP web services and REST APIs are simple with OutSystems Platform. Full Article

Integrate OutSystems applications with SAP

OutSystems Platform integrates with SAP. This allows a developer to create any kind of mobile or web application that integrates with SAP and complements it with the functionality needed. Full Article

How are integrations better with OutSystems Platform?

OutSystems Platform makes developers more productive by providing out of the box many non-functional requirements, which can be time consuming and error-prone to implement. Full Article

Use OutSystems Platform with existing databases

OutSystems Platform integrates natively with several of the major database systems: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and DB2 iSeries. Full Article 

How does OutSystems Platform support mobile development?

Developers use one development environment to design the mobile UI as well as develop the backend logic, workflow and integration to legacy systems and cloud APIs. OutSystems Platform also offers a comprehensive set of pre-built connectors for everything from SAP, Oracle and salesforce.com to databases and cloud services that makes accessing and aggregating business data a snap. Full Article

How does OutSystems Platform support Responsive Web Design?

Every time a new mobile device is announced it seems to come with a completely different screen size. OutSystems Platform shields any company’s applications from this changing landscape by allowing them to easily employ responsive design techniques, using grid design capabilities of the Platform. Full Article

What native capabilities are supported by OutSystems Platform?

All of device’s native capabilities are supported through OutSystems Now. Full article

Is there an Enterprise App Store for OutSystems applications?

OutSystems Now is a native mobile app, available in the Apple Store, Google Play, and Windows Store. It aggregates all multiple mobile apps, inside a native application shell. All apps running inside this shell will have access to the device’s native capabilities. Full Article

How does OutSystems Platform handle offline apps?

Offline is a requirement in many scenarios these days. Even though network connectivity is becoming more and more common each day, there are still scenarios where some of the use cases in an application need to be performed while offline. Full Article

Out-of-the-box performance optimizations

When it’s time to develop, OutSystems Platform guides developers to ensure every application has no performance bottlenecks. Full Article

Horizontal scalability of OutSystems Platform

Outsystems Platform is designed to scale as applications grow in usage and complexity. It’s easy to create small departmental apps or even large internet-wide deployments able to handle more than 1 million users. Full Article

Can OutSystems Platform handle high-volume transactional systems?

Yes, apps can be built to handle handle extreme user load with OutSystems Platform. Full Article

Performance dashboards and APIs

OutSystems Platform automatically instruments all built applications, so that it’s easy to monitor performance and take action before users notice the application is slow. Full Article