Internal Communication

  • Use internal notification module to communicate with individuals or user groups. Reduce mailings in your company.
  • Manage meetings and create and manage tasks based on the meeting decisions.
  • By using the task management. Assign tasks to employees related with a project or an internal matter.
  • Expense management

Document Management

  • Store all your documents, share and manage privileges
  • Govern Quality Control documentations.

Purchasing Management

  • Create project purchase requests
  • Automatically searches all the warehouses¬† for the requested material and allows transfer from warehouses.
  • Store all the purchasing agreements and do not initiate bidding process for the materials have an agreement and start order process instantly.
  • Full visibility on warehouses and requested items for request approvers to facilitate their request approval decisions.
  • Allows decisions makers to divide or merge requests for a better order management process.
  • Vendor reports for decision makers like last unit price, delivery options and comparison of different vendors that given proposal for the same material.
  • Notify vendors if there is a new material waiting for their proposal. Authorized vendors can place their proposals by simply logging into the system with their username and passwords.
  • Manage progress payments for subcontractors.
  • Enter Waybills to system upon delivery and insert delivered materials to inventory.
  • Create invoices based on the waybills received.
  • Define invoice approval process based on invoice type and amount.
  • Integrate with 3rd party accounting solutions.

Project Management

  • Breakdown the project based on the job items and create proposals.
  • Initiate approval process for the proposals created by project team.
  • Create large project proposal by copying for the similar jobs been done in the past.
  • Generate a contract for the approved proposals that includes contract items, conditions, payment plan to be signed by the client.
  • Create default tasks to be followed up by project team to initiate project.
  • A new worksite will be generated automatically upon approval to relate all the expenses and transactions.
  • Monitor projects costs with real time reports.

Human Resources Management

  • Employee Directory
  • Payroll transactions
  • Training and Certification management
  • Embezzlement management
  • Advance payment request process
  • Compensation management processes
  • Monthly payroll report creation, approval processes and partner bank integration for salary payments.

Inventory Management

  • Product and fixture inventory
  • Demand process for products and fixtures in stock
  • Stock and fixture transfer process between company worksites and warehouses
  • Inventory counting and remittance process
  • Inventory reports


  • Income and Expenses planning
  • Payment and collections
  • Budget reports

Worker Health and Safety Management Module

  • Corrective and preventive actions
  • Disciplinary records
  • Accident precaution and investigation processes
  • Worksite checklists and performance reports
  • Worker health and safety board meetings, meeting decision records and decision related task creation.
  • Material safety data sheets
  • Quality control management system
  • Subcontractor tracking system
  • Safety equipment tracking system
  • Worksite worker health and safety¬† precaution processes
  • Guidelines

Vehicle Tracking

  • Tracking vehicles on duty
  • Fuel, odometer and maintenance cost tracking