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My co-founder Luis and I have been developing tailored solutions for years. One of the topics we specialise in is Contract Management. We have developed 4 different tailored contract management solutions for 4 different company and industry in the U.S. These development and implementation processes taught us a lot about why a company needs contract management solution and how it can benefit from it.

One day, we were in Asentex office in San Diego and chatting about the benefits of contract management and how it would be if we create an SaaS solution for companies that can’t afford a tailored solution to benefit from. This was 3 years ago, before wet met OutSystems. We had been using some other RAD tools and developing custom coded solutions back then but, RADs had significant constraints and custom coding was not an option to develop such a comprehensive solution. This had stopped us from making the next step.

Meeting OutSystems was the turning point. After creating a few applications to evaluate the platform capabilities, we realised it was the tool we needed to create the app we dreamed of. Our developers adopted the platform in a short time and it provided us all the abilities and ease to create the first phase of the application while designing the future of the product with confidence. In October 2017, we released the first version of eContractHub including the mobile app.

OutSystems reduced our development costs and saved considerable development time to enter to market. It helps us to shape the future of the product by effectively managing changes. As a partner and a customer of OutSystems, we trust OutSystems’s vision and build our product strategy on top of it.

Please visit and create a free account to see what we built using OutSystems. eContractHub is a product of BAYPM.